Like every other industry, technology has had a huge impact on logistics. Garn Transport Ltd vehicles are linked to their base via satellite, radio and in-cab telephone which allows planners to track a vehicle, re-route if necessary and provide the customer with status reports in real time.

Vehicle Efficiency
The latest vehicles are fitted with on-board computers using GPS and RDS technology to provide drivers with vital operating data. Route, fuel and engine diagnostics are also combined in these units, which ultimately leads to more efficient use of the vehicle.


Technology is beginning to play an important role in safety, with many vehicles benefiting from sophisticated braking systems, while engine wear is reduced through computerised clutch controls. Load securing technology and trailer improvements each combine to make safer vehicles.


Pallet Handling
The very latest equipment is used to move huge volumes of goods through warehouse networks. Modern forklift trucks are equipped with bar code technology enabling them to locate, stack or pick pallets quickly and these high volume environments benefit from computerised location technology and modern handling systems.